Brovada is a leading electronic trading player in the Canadian market with an unrivalled understanding of the connectivity between broker systems and insurers. The acquisition of Brovada by Acturis Group will deepen and extend this connectivity and promote electronic trading in the Canadian market, which is a critical theme for brokers and insurers alike.

BrovadaOne connects the insurance world, joining insurer and broker systems, improving workflow efficiency and accuracy and saving time and resources.

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BrovadaOne Connectivity

For brokers, BrovadaOne Connectivity, our broker/insurer integration product, simplifies the way you do business by extending the functionality of your broker management system so that it integrates with insurer portals and web services for both new business and policy-change uploads. This eliminates the need to re-key the data already captured in your management system.

BrovadaOne Connectivity:

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BrovadaOne for Insurers

BrovadaOne for Insurers enables you to provide real-time connectivity to brokers using any policy administration system (PAS), regardless of whether you already use a portal.

BrovadaOne’s web-service interface for real-time transactions — endorsements, upload and download, new-business submissions, inquiries, policy changes, first notices of loss, portfolio transfers, regulatory reporting and more — provides an alternative to conventional portals with numerous advantageous capabilities.

Additional benefits for insurers include:

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